This year, we began our Valentine’s Day the exact way we did last year: with a few cups of coffee, cozy in our home, Jay lounging on the couch and me photographing the many flowers I’ve arranged around our apartment like a crazy woman in a desperate plea for the gray days of winter to end.

I had grand visions of recipes I’d bake for us (and share with you) this Valentine’s Day — thoughts of sweet little winter cakes adorned with tufts of blood orange-stained frosting and dainty chocolate-dipped madeleines. However, instead of staying home to bake all day as we planned, the two of us decided to skip the sink load of dirty dishes and head to a bar for a few snacks and some day beers instead.

Therefore, rather than share a new recipe post, this week I share with you a handful of shots of the vibrant flowers that have helped make our home appear a bit more lively these past few days. 

I’ll be back soon with a recipe and a few words about our progress on the new shop location. Hopefully (magically) by the time I return, the cold weather will somehow be gone. Hopefully…