How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Childbirth

9 months is a long time. And so that it passed the most comfortable for you, we have the top 9 proven life
hacks that will save you more than once. This article will be usefull for the future farthers.

  1. Relax. Relax as much as possible. Take a bath to relax, sleep when you feel that you need sleep,
    light candles, go for a massage for pregnant women, etc. When you are pregnant, there is nothing
    more pleasant than a feeling of relaxation – you don’t need any stress.
  2. Keep a pregnancy diary. In any case, this will help your doctors to give the most accurate
    recommendations and also it can be a wonderful author’s diary.
  3. Stay open to other opportunities.  Keep calm even if your views on everyday life are changing.
    Trust professionals who care about your baby’s birth. The main thing is to think positively, your
    child is on the way to you – and this is the most important event. The rest is just a little difficulty
    along the way.
  4. Look for something positive in everything. For some reason, many people like to tell pregnant
    women horror stories about pregnancy, childbirth, and children. Avoid the negative when there is
    such an opportunity, and if you can’t avoid it, then just try not to take everything too close to your
    heart. Find pregnant women in your environment who think positively or look for like-minded
    people on the forums, and don’t forget to meet with your friends and have a rest to raise your
  5. Give up bad habits. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is one of the most important
    decisions a woman must make for the good of her baby. This is not just a whim of doctors or the
    prevailing opinion. With the help of many studies, it was revealed that smoking during pregnancy
    entails a lot of negative consequences for the baby.
  6. Avoid heavy physical exercises. If you have been active in sports, gymnastics, and fitness
    throughout your life, you shouldn’t immediately stop doing physical exercises. However, it is
    necessary to take into account that exhausting sports should be excluded from now. Also, in the
    first months, you need to stop any workout with weightlifting, run for long distances, hard
    crunches, jumps from high into the water, riding a horse or diving.
  7. Attend courses for future parents. At this time, a woman with her husband can begin to attend
    special preparatory courses for future parents. There you can get useful tips for pregnant women,
    go through a program of physical and psychological preparation for the birth of a baby, learn
    about some gymnastic exercises for a woman and share your experiences and feelings with
  8. Prepare things to the hospital. Usually, women take documents, a bathrobe, slippers, hygiene
    products, drinking water, and baby kits (diapers, swaddling clothes, and so on) to the hospital.
    Now you know what is good for pregnant women and what you should abstain from. The main thing to
    remember is that the expectation and birth of a child is an extraordinary, mysterious, and indescribable
    state, and no bad things should darken your happy and joyful event.